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All  the oils have the same base of natural products containing Olive  oil, Safflower oil, plus Sunflower oil, which is added for it's lightness and grape seed oil extract  which is there both as an antioxidant which will give the oils a natural shelf life of 18 months and as a skin repairer since it is fifty times more potent than Vitamin E. The six oils are designed to cover most of the possibilities of the customer demand during
massage. All oils contain Prai oil due to its skin rejuvenation properties.



Needing a skin toner and stimulant we use the simple lemon grass plant to give us a refreshing and stimulating massage.


The use of Prai or Plai in Thailand and Asia is legendary , this root of the ginger family has a long history as a skin treatment combining the
properties of a moisturizer and a tensioner, it has been used for centuries by women during pregnancy so that stretch marks are  not evident after the birth, with the added advantage of it's antiseptic qualities it is the
perfect oil for massage.


In the North of Thailand where the sun is relentless the natives are wont to use a paste of jungle mint as a coolant to relieve the heat, it is this quality that we have harnessed and whilst stimulating the muscles slightly. It is the cooling qualities that the customer will most appreciate


In our quest to provide all the oils necessary to offer the customer the
clearest yet simplest choice we came upon this most common of oils which is
especially sought after by females as a relaxant, the gentle yet pungent aroma is especially attractive.


Though known in the West as a product of the Comoros Islands used by the
French perfumery as a base oil due to it's potency an heady aroma this oil
has a long Asian history, known in Thailand and Malaysia as Gananga it is
used as a relaxant for men and is also reputed to have aphrodisiac
properties which we cannot attest to.


A long Chinese and Asian history of the use of this oil concentrates on it's ability to bring heat to the body thus it is ideal for use in the case of minor muscular problems.


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